What is the full name of Young Ae/ Young hye one of the models of arooki.

Sorry only her first name has been revealed as far as I can find u_u

sorry I still don't really get one thing, so if a non korean who looks very 'ulzzang' is being called called an ulzzang by many others, does that mean we can say she is an ulzzang, although they haven't entered competitions to be official ulzzangs?

It’s down to personal opinion - but we share the opinion that if photos of a person that wasn’t korean was being shared through korean blogs by being referred to as an ulzzang, we think that would makes them one. competitions dont really make much difference tbh, they just give less popular ulzzangs more popularity.But if you mean someone being called an ulzzang on western social networking sites, then no we don’t it counts.

There was a Libyan girl on Ulzzang Shidae once, however before that show no one had ever heard of her which is why despite the show, viewers didnt consider her a real ulzzang as she had not been an internet celebrity like the others - just a pretty girl